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Mechanical Keyboards and Non-Mechanical Keyboards for Gamers/Typists

We all know how important a keyboard is for typing documents, making calculations, accessing certain functions with a touch of a buttons. Whether we like it or not these peripherals has become a part of our lives. We use it in our offices, living rooms, on the go and just about everywhere. These computer keyboards comes in all shapes and sizes with hundreds of different functions such as backlighting, mechanical switches and dome switches,  programmable functions, wireless and wired, touchpad integrated, number pad and without number pad etc. We’ve got 2 types of keyboards namely: mechanical keyboards and non-mechanical keyboards.mechanical keyboards and non-mechanical keyboards


With all these features it’s sometimes difficult which keyboard to choose in regard to work environment and task. Some of the basic knowledge ones need to consider is the cost, and keyboard type.


Dome Switch Keyboards

Typist usually prefers a keyboard that has a soft quiet type which won’t be a disturbance to working colleagues in a close environment. This type of keyboard is usually made out of an ABS plastic housing with dome switches. Dome switch keyboards are one of the first computer keyboards that have been made to accelerate work load of the typing enthusiast. These type of key switches tend to wear our quicker than the mechanical keyboard switch which we will discuss down below.


Some companies even integrated some other features into these types of keyboards to give the typing enthusiast a better tying experience. These features includes: detachable wrist rest wired/wireless features, dedicated multimedia functions and spill proof designs.


Mechanical Switch Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are what most gamers and programmers use to do their daily task. These keyboards tend to have a longer life span then the dome key switch keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are made out of both ABS plastic and aluminum. Most important is the key switches which is made out of mechanical parts and tend to register a whole lot faster with a better feedback.


Mechanical keyboards are obviously the cream of the crop but usually cost a lot more than any other type of keyboard. Most of these keyboards (not all) have features that gamers and programmers crave like: backlighting, programmable keys, wrist rest, dedicated multimedia functions, interchangeable keys (WASD and arrow keys), water resistant and better actuation force and even Windows Lock function.



Depending on the features you need, your situation of work and budget these keyboards mechanical or non-mechanical, wired or wireless has each a different category in price point ranging from low budget to high end keyboards and even mouse.

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Advantages of Webcams – Whether They are Portable or Build-in

Webcams were only used casual chat and adult-show websites, but they have now become important tools for business activities. Advantages of webcams has drastically increased over a short span of time. With Laptop computers, Smart phones and Tablets that use front-facing cameras, you’ll be able to capture video and engage in communications more easily and effectively than ever before, but your webcam also has some disadvantages.

Advantages of Webcams

Advantages of Webcams

One major advantage of having a webcam means that communicating between each other is much more fun and engaging than the normal conversation using a telephone or e-mail. Seeing the expression on someone’s face while using a webcam is much more pleasurable than only hearing his/her voice. This way you’ll be able to tell of they are engaged in the conversation. Webcams offers a more meaningful way of communicating and can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and webcam.



Creating video content is easy just by looking into the webcam lens and start recording what you have to offer or say. Videos are 60 times more likely to make the first page or even in the top 3 search results in a Google that’s been done through YouTube. Creating these videos helps to boost your business’s online profile presence throughout the worldwide web. Although webcams whether it is portable ones or build-in webcams they will not be able to equal professional video equipment, many of these especially portable webcams produce good quality video’s and, which is better than nothing.


Video Quality

Even though modern webcam that can do a decent job, it’s still not technologically advanced to be able to have outstanding video and communicating advances like you’re professional video cameras. In addition, its convenience can encourage you to record video that is unattractive. Lighting also plays an important part in video capturing so make sure to use the webcam in good lighting conditions.

Advantages of Webcams

Disadvantages of Webcams

One main con of a webcam that’s connected to your computer or laptop makes it easy for hackers to use the webcam to spy on you or your family. To reduce the risk of hackers spying on you every move inside your home it’s best to use a piece of sticky black tape to cover your build-in webcam when not in use.


Portable webcams should be plugged out when you are not using it. Secure your password with uppercase, lower case, numbers and letters making it much more difficult for hackers to generate passwords that can be used to hack your account. Whether these potential hackers do these unauthorized hacks just for fun or cooperate espionage, these activities is punishable by the authorities.

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Pros and Cons of a Desktop Computer – The Ultimate Guide

Sep 19, 16 Pros and Cons of a Desktop Computer – The Ultimate Guide

Computers come in various forms and sizes from your handheld Smartphone or 10-inch tablet to your Laptop and even the bigger desktop computer. All of this electronic equipment has their pros and cons which we cannot live without. Yet we as humans strive to keep up with the tremendous data we receive on a daily basis. It has become unparalleled for us as a human race to stay updated with the latest technology that scientists create for us.
Depending on the job you are doing and the force it places on your computer hardware, you may be choosing among a desktop PC, notebook or tablet when you select the setup for your business. Each of these types of computing powers like these best garbage disposal units offers its pros and cons, but in most situations, desktop computers hold more advantages over portable technological systems.

Add-On Cards

Depending on your business venture and your workflow or work situation, you may need a Desktop PC with a computer screen protector to accommodate the hardware that you may need to support your profession. Yes, you can attach external hardware to a laptop but you can’t open up its casing and plug in new hardware or processing cards for use in high-end audio or visual work.

You may be able to host your additional cards through the use of an expansion chassis plugged into your laptop computer, but you’ll have to spend additional money to acquire the hardware. A Desktop PC allows you to install more than one graphics adapter to support several monitors.


Modern laptops can mirror their video output to an external monitor, TV set or projector but a desktop computer gives you the ability to choose whichever primary device you want. Some desktops (ALL-IN-ONE) PC’s for example — include a built-in monitor just like a laptop does, but these built-in screens are not as portable as the laptop.

desktop computer

Drive Bays, RAM, and Keyboards

A desktop PC provides you with additional drive bays (depending on the casing of your choosing) in which you can install additional storage like Solid State Drives or multiple DVD writers. By comparison, adding additional storage capacity to a laptop or notebook limits you to plugging in external devices or installing a replacement for its internal drive, a job that may require a technician to do.

Desktops accommodate a larger size of the motherboard with multiple slots for the expansion of RAM or distributions. Through the use of a wireless keyboard or mouse desktop computers also allows you distance you from the heat these components give off. While laptops have built-in keyboards, desktop computer keyboards can be bought separately for under 50 dollars making your PC looking extremely valuable.

Customization and Assembly

Choosing a desktop computer for your main computing needs allows you to build your own PC from several components you select that offer the performance and visual display. Because of the tightly fitted components inside a laptop, it will be likely impossible to expand certain components within the laptop. Repair work on a desktop computer is much easier and simpler should the need arise for repair or expansion.


Portability is one of the main features that people use a laptop for, thus it won’t be possible to carry a desktop computer from home to work. While laptops don’t need any wiring to function a desktop PC looks cluttered with all the wiring that it needs to perform it’s tasked to the best of its ability.

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Pros and Cons of Desktop PC and Laptop

Most people these days feel like a laptop or a tablet would be the best choice, yet desktop PC has its own pros. On the off chance that you anticipate having a consistent workstation think about getting as a desktop and sparing yourself some cash, or spending what your financial plan permits and getting a PC with higher specs. An additional advantage of a desktop is that it’s less demanding to keep cool, following there is more space for capable fans, which will help the machine have a more drawn out lifetime and keep up ideal execution levels. Our website provides info on The Best Touchless Trash Cans that will suit your pocket.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Desktop PC and Laptop

Furthermore, it’s less demanding to change out parts and redesign segments on a desktop, which will keep your machine from falling behind the continually expanding requests of the computerized world. Still, on the off chance that you frequently require your PC on the go, the decision is basic. In the event that your requirement for movability is just infrequent and you needn’t bother with significantly more than a program or word processor, you might have the capacity to locate a modest tablet or netbook to carry out the employment, and could conceivably bear the cost of it with the cash you spare by getting a desktop as your essential PC.

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Choosing between a Laptop and a Desktop PC

Many people wish to buy a PC that suits their needs yet they do not know where to start. Purchasing a PC is no simple errand, and with the expense of a considerable lot of the machines out available today, you need to ensure you’re making the right buy so you don’t blow your cash on something that quits inside a year. Obviously, not all PC clients’ needs are equivalent, so you won’t require certain things incorporated into a PC, particularly not if those components are pushing up the cost.

Tips for Choosing between a Laptop and a Desktop PC

This aid ought to help you show signs of comprehension of what every one of the segments of the PC will mean for you and make it less demanding to choose what you need, and which components to organize. First things first, you need to decide whether a laptop or a desktop PC would be best for you. All in all, if a tablet and desktop are gloating the majority of the same execution specs, the desktop will be less expensive.


However, the capacity to pack a considerable measure of parts into a little space and the requirement for a battery is the thing that ups the cost of the portable workstation. You should choose one based on your needs.

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